Vinyl Gazebos

Have you ever gone out into your back yard in the evening to just relax and enjoy the outdoors, only to be chased back inside your home by mosquitoes? We are firm believers in the rejuvenating power of fresh air, combined with your choice of a good book, spending time with the kids (or grand-kids), or simply taking in the sights and sounds of nature. This is why we offer our line of vinyl gazebos.

Since each of our customers' needs are different, we offer a variety of shapes and sizes to meet each situation. You can choose a small 8' or 10' octagon style, which gives you enough room for a couple of comfortable chairs and a small end table for books or drinks. You don't want to plan on more than two or three people spending time in this size gazebo. If you’re looking forward to hosting family and friends in your new gazebo, then we recommend going with at least a 12’ or 14’. Or, if you’re not set on the aesthetics of an octagonal shaped gazebo, a 10’x16’ or larger oval vinyl gazebo gives you room to have a table set to one side, with space on the other side for anything you like....comfortable seating, a coffee table, even a small refrigerator for refreshments. Now you have room for up to a dozen guests, or more!

For a relatively low investment, you have a lovely, covered area that protects you from anything that bites. The screening will also cut down a bit on the wind in the early spring, when it’s still a bit chilly.

We look forward to helping you create your personal backyard getaway.