Shed Spec Sheet

Shed Happens, Inc. shed specifications:

  • 4”x4” Pressure Treated
  • 2”X4”X6’ and 8’ Pressure Treated Floor Joists and Plates
  • 2”X6”x10’+ Pressure Treated Floor joists and plates
  • ¾” LP Shed Shed Prostruct Tongue and Groove flooring
  • Metal wall bracing in all pine sided sheds
  • 2”X4” rafters spaced 16” On center
  • 7/16” LP roof and wall sheathing
  • 35 Years architectural asphalt roof shingles
  • Aluminum drip edge on all rakes and eaves
  • Heavy duty black door hinges
  • 8”X8” Aluminum gable vents or ridge vent
shed specs