Our Company Story

In 1976 Dennis H. Doherty Sr. and his wife decided to move from their current home in South Portland, Maine to a more rural area. They found a home in Standish, Maine and soon moved in. Once settled in their new home Dennis decided to put his carpentry background to use, and so he built a picnic table for his young family to use for meals outside their new home. Once the table was constructed and put on the front lawn to use, someone pulled into the driveway and asked how much the picnic table costs. Dennis gave them a price that he quickly came up in his head based on his costs and a marginal markup on his labor. The customer bought the picnic table and bells went off in Dennis' head, an entrepreneur was born! For several years to come he operated under the name Dennis H. Doherty & Sons, owned and operated solely by Dennis H. Doherty Sr. By 1985 the company had grown and was renamed Family Enterprises which remained until April 28, 1999, at which the company was incorporated under Shed Happens, Inc. At the time of incorporation Michael Doherty took ownership and control of 50% of Shed Happens, Inc., while Dennis H. Doherty retained 50%.

In 1996 Dennis H. Doherty Sr. retired from South Portland Fire Department after 25 years on the job. Dennis is in a current state of semi-retirement from Shed Happens, Inc. He still works with the Amish vendors for the resale sector of Shed Happens, Inc.

In 1997 Michael Doherty graduated from University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and a minor in Accounting. Michael has worked with the Shed Happens business since its inception. Currently Michael manages all facets of Shed Happens, Inc.

With demand for a quality storage shed at a competitive price, Family Enterprises had more business than it could handle. Working outside with a small 550 square foot shop, demand exceeded production. Family Enterprises had reached maximum capacity, and growth was necessary in order to remain competitive.

In November 1998 construction of a 2000 square foot manufacturing facility began. The building was constructed at the original site in Standish, Maine by Shed Happens, Inc. Construction took three months to complete and was completely funded with no outside financing required. As expected, Shed Happens Inc. had outgrown the new shop even before its completion. With the new facility we gained the ability to work inside to eliminate the contributing factors to manufacturing output fluctuations.

In June 2002 Shed Happens Inc. moved its retail location to the intersection of 302 and 115 in North Windham, Maine. When the new retail location opened, Shed Happens Inc. added a new line of indoor furniture built by Pennsylvanian Amish families. Shed Happens Inc. sells wood gazebos, vinyl gazebos, and wood and vinyl swing sets.

As the name implies, from the beginning of Dennis H. Doherty & Sons to today, Shed Happens Inc. manufactures Maine's finest quality storage sheds.